Best Local Photographer


     I'm Zack, the head honcho here at Fedoragraphy (pun intended).  I work out of the Central Florida area, and I specialize in capturing your pure joy and God-given beauty. My hope is that after you see my photos, you can picture us working together.

My Story

     I first picked up a camera when I was about 11 years old. I had this awesome little point-and-shoot that I took everywhere. I quickly fell in love with taking photos. Since then, thankfully, I've upgraded my equipment and found out that my true passion is being behind my camera. I love everything about photography, down to the science of how a camera works. More importantly, I love people (read: you). Photography has an amazing way of opening the door for people to connect. 
     When I finally figured out that my passion of photography and my heartfelt desire to connect with people could work together, magic happened. I found a way to highlight the best in people while I work with them in creating some great images. 
    All in all, I'm a fun-loving character. My witty lines and talented eye for photography really set me apart from the crowd. I would love to form a pure connection with you while I capture your personality and beauty in every image. My hope is that you will consider me as your photographer. 

Portrait Photographer

Before You Ask...

That's a weird name. What does it mean?

To put it quite simply:
Fedora (meaning the awesome hat on my head, as pictured above)
Graphy (short for photography)
Together you get Fedoragraphy

If you like what you see, head on over to my contact page so we can get in touch! I would love to work with you!